Friday, May 17, 2013

Secrets to Finding the Right-Sized Bicycle

If you're choosing to ride a bicycle, whether for exercise, or just for the fun of it, a good fit is crucial. If your bike isn't comfortable, you certainly aren't going to spend a large amount of time riding it. Your exercise will go by the wayside and the fun will disappear.

Figuring out proper bike sizing is not that hard, but it is amazing how often it is overlooked. This is especially true when parents are buying a bike for a child. Tempting though it may be, buying a bike that your child will "grow into" is just exactly the wrong way to select one. If the bicycle is too big and unwieldy, your child would probably prefer to walk. If they do try to ride a bike that is too big, that opens the door for some nasty accidents. Either way, they will become discouraged from riding. The same can be said when it comes to purchasing adult bikes. A good fit is extremely important, especially if you haven't been up on two wheels in a while.
A good rule of thumb for selecting the right sized bicycle is, when your child is straddling the bike flatfooted, there should be between one and two inches of space between his crotch and the top tube of the bike frame. On a girl's bike, or course, you have to imagine the location of the tube. This is referred to as the "standover height". You may want to give a bicycle as a present, to a grandchild for instance. If you can find out what the child's inseam is, you can usually subtract one to two inches to find the correct height of the bicycle.

For adult bicycles, the process is pretty much the same. Figuring out proper bike sizing means you allow between one and three inches between your crotch and the top tube. This should ensure a good fit. Again, with women's bicycles you have to imagine the location of the top tube.

As far as handlebars are concerned, they shouldn't be too close or too far away, and unfortunately, the only way to be sure about this factor is to keep adjusting them until you feel not only comfortable, but in complete control of the bicycle, as well.

After you have all of these details figured out, it's on to more pressing details, like Whats the best bicycle bell?

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